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If you do not have room for tire storage we offer regular pick up service to meet your needs via a 26 ft box truck. You can request your pick up from our website or be placed on a reoccurring schedule. Box Truck service requires a minimum 100 tires for pickup.

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If you are a large scrap tire producer the Semi trailer option may better suit your needs. We offer 53 ft semi trailers which will be dropped at your facility, once full you can request your trailer to be swapped out via the website. The swap will occur within 48 to 72 hours after an initiated request on our website. Trailers approximately service 800-1,000 tires monthly.

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We also offer storage containers for those customers which do not have storage capacity at their location.  We offer 20 and 40 ft containers which would be delivered to your business; pickups are requested via our website. Typically, 20 ft containers will hold 300 tires, while 40 ft containers will hold 600 or more.

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If you choose to deliver the tires yourself, they can be brought to our tire processing center, which is open for public drop off from 7am to 4pm. Pricing is based on tire size, request a quote via the quote section if interested.