Protecting our environment

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The Environment & Scrape Tires

At All American Tire Recycling we take tires that are no longer useful and turn them into small tire particulate.  These pieces can be incorporated into civil engineering applications such as: rubber modified asphalt, vibration damping material for railroad lines, playground flooring materials, agricultural livestock mats, athletic and recreational areas, speed bumps, dock bumpers and patio decks.  Some tires can also be used as tire-derived fuel (TDF), an alternative fuel source to coal, for manufacturing plants.

Tire Remediation & Land Clean-Up

All American Tire Recyclers (AATR) works with County, City, and private landowners to dispose of municipal and private waste tires. AATR will ensure responsible removal and disposal of tires in remote areas, water environments, and steep terrain.  Our team is trained to work with contractors using the right equipment for complex cleanup projects.


Abandoned tires pose a health risk to both people and the environment.  AATR will collect all types of tires and sort them for reuse, recycling or disposal at licensed locations.  One tire at a time is how we help our environment return to its natural state.

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